GroupWise Shared Address Books Reporting


GroupWise Shared Address Books Reporting by Tommy Mikkelsen - FREE Tool

What is ASBRep? ASBRep stands for AddressBook Shared Reporting, which is a small utility written by one of the OpenHorizons Dudes. This allows a GroupWise Administrator to create a report about which user shared an address book to his co-workers, as well as the rights shared.

Check it out! Created by the community for the community!

What is this ?

ASBRep is very useful for a GroupWise Administrator, for example when you need to delete a user, or to move user to another postoffice. The tool should supports GroupWise 6.5.1 and above, but has only been tested on GroupWise 8.

* As usual.....This is a freebird, and is as such, provided @ your own risk.....
* Simply follow the guide of the program, and you might end up been a happy guy/girl

How does it work?

During it’s first run, a trusted application will be created to be able to access your GroupWise system. This allows the utility to log on to the system and to process the list of address books each user has and create a list of shared address books.


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  •   in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    Try and run it again with a /debug, as outlined in the welcome page, and send me the logfile that it creates to tm @ itq dot dk

    I have downloaded and unzipped this program (and fldrep) and can't get either to work. I run the program and get a "Welcome" tab in the program window with no other tabs and a "Back" button that is greyed out with no other buttons. Is there something more I need added to my system?