Creating GroupWise Rules That Detect Blind Copy Mail


If you look at the rule engine of the GroupWise client, you might have noticed, that you can select the field "To" as well as the field "Cc", but you can't select the field "Bc".
(This option was removed from the rule detection engine with GroupWise 6 and above)

The reason for that is, that the field actually doesn't exist within the mail itself.
The GroupWise Engine instead has a detection build into it saying, that if you receive an email, and you are not mentioned in the "To" or "Cc" field, then you must be on the "Bc" list, because otherwise you would not have received the mail.

I had a customer, that needed some rule detection for bc mails, that they wanted to use for some system-accounts/resources like ""

However…. In order to create such a rule, we need to know what addresses a user has as valid addresses to receive mails.

As such, we need to gather the following information:

    • System Wide Addressing rules


    • NickNames


    • Group Membership


    • Alias


    • IA Overrides

System Wide Addressing Rules:

In ConsoleOne, select the menu named "Tools/GroupWise System Operations/Internet Addressing.

In the screenshot shown below, you'll see that in this system, only the UserID@IDom is valid.

(Hint: Limiting this to only the needed formats in your company, will also decrease the amount of spam)

Then we'll have to locate all valid NickNames for the account.

This is done again using ConsoleOne, and looking directly at the User Account object.

So up to now, we have the following addresses for the user "tm".

    • abuse@


    • tom@


    • tommy@


    • tm@

We now need to check, if an alias is in place.

Nope…. no alias was present here, so the mentioned addresses are still the valid ones

(Hint: if an alias was present, then get rid of it, since this is a dead end, that has been replaced with Internet Addressing Override)

We now have to check for Internet Addressing Override:

Hint: When looking at the above screenshot, you'll see a button named "View Email Addresses".

This is new in GroupWise 8, and will give you the needed information in one go.

All that is left now, is to check if your user is a member of a distribution list, as a BC member.

As you can see in the above, we also have the test_dist distribution list to consider.

So…let's check the email addresses of that distribution list.

Notice in the above screenshot, that it allows email to all of the following addresses:

    • test_dist@


    • test_dist.MyPostOfficeName@

So the valid addresses is know:

    • abuse@


    • tom@


    • tommy@


    • tm@


    • test_dist@


    • test_dist.MyPostOfficeName@

Creating the Rule

So….We'll create a rule, that will check to see, if the above email addresses are not present in the "To" or "Cc" field.

Then we need to define the action, and in this case, I selected to move the item to a folder named "BC Rule Stuff".

As always, I put a "Stop Rule Processing" action in the bottom of the action list like this:

That's it……. Your rule can now detect on mails received via BC, and all you need to do now, is to enable it, and enjoy being a GroupWise Hero.


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