Restoring GroupWise without an NDS Backup



A Forum reader recently asked:

"My server crashed, and I am having to do a complete rebuild. Looking at my backups, my sys volume was backed up (including my POs and database files), but my Novell Director (NDS) was not. Is there a way that I can save my e-mails and import them into my rebuilt server?"

And here's the reply from Tommy Mikkelsen ...


1. Create a new NDS/eDirectory.

2. Restore your GroupWise Structure to the *DATA* volume of the server.

3. Install the needed agents from the latest SP of the GroupWise version you are using, including extending NDS/eDirectory.

4. Connect from ConsoleOne to the Domain.

5. Create an OU in NDS/eDir, and select that.

6. Right-click on the created OU and select "GW..Utils/GW-eDir Acc/Graft GW Obj"

Look here for details:

Also ...

Go get a backup solution that allows you to make a reliable backup of your NDS/eDirectory.


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