Migration Steps for GroupWise 7 on NetWare



A Forum reader recently asked:

"I have a NetWare 6 server running GroupWise 7. I need to migrate this to a new server. I plan on using server migration utilities for NetWare. I am under the impression I will have to reinstall GroupWise. After that, what files do I need to restore from backup to get email working once again? And is there an easier way? I realize I will have to reconfigure the IP addresses, etc., from ConsoleOne."

And here is the response from Tommy Mikkelsen ...


1. Install the agents.

2. Shut down the PO, Domain and gateways.

3. Copy the complete domain and PO structure to the new box.

4. If you are running libraries outside the PO, move them and change the paths.

5. Connect with ConsoleOne to the new PO.

6. Change the IP addresses and UNC path to match the new box.

7. Rebuild the PO.

8. Power up the MTA and POA.

9. Make a change to the DNS entry ngwnameserver to point to the new server, if the POA is running on port 1677.

10. Grab a copy of wpgate/gwac.db.

11. Delete the GWIA and WebAccess gateways and reinstall them.

12. Put the gwac.db back.

13. Open gwia.cfg on sys:system of the old box and check for things that are not set as default. Make the needed adjustments in the file on the new box.

Dave Parkes adds:

You can change the server and volume names, but DON'T change the directory names beneath that. It can get messy if you do.


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    On my servers, I install all the agents into a SYS:SYSTEM\GRPWISE directory (i.e. do not accept the default SYS:SYSTEM directory). This makes the GroupWise installation even more portable. All the agent files (POA, MTA) are there, so you can just move that directory to the new server, make the ConsoleOne changes and reload the agents.

    I also copy this directory before an upgrade as a roll back backup.

    This will not (unfortunately) work for WebAccess.