Disabling Client Auto-Update before Patching GroupWise



I wanted to be sure that nobody gets the new GroupWise Messenger client from the auto-update until I was able to put it through adequate testing.


Starting with SP1, you can disable the auto-update feature in ConsoleOne. So just install the snap-ins first and turn off auto-update.

This feature can be found in two places:

1. In the properties of the Messaging Agent under the Agent tab, select the option for Messaging. This will only stop the auto-update for users serviced by this agent.

Figure 1 - Selecting the Messaging Option

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2. In the properties of the Messenger Service Object, under the Novell Messenger tab, select Client Update. This will stop the auto-update from running to clients for multiple messaging agents if there are multiple agents under this object.

Figure 2 - Selecting Client Update

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Installing the Snap-ins First

From the initial setup screen of the service pack, select Install Server.

Figure 3 - Selecting Install Server

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After choosing your language, you'll be given the options of what to install. From here, just choose Admin Files Only and path it out to your copy of ConsoleOne.

Figure 4 - Installing Admin Files Only

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After installing the snap-ins, you can then check off the auto-update and proceed to update your Novell Messenger system.


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