GroupWise 2018 WebAccess on Linux without Apache

Not that we do not like Apache2, but there are use cases were one does not need Apache2 (no need for privileged ports nor SSL) – like if one is using a HTTP load balancer (doing SSL offload). The good news is that you don’t need Apache2, not even for the static content (almost, see “Step 2”).

Please try this on a test machine first! – Have backups of all files you modify.

Step one: Enable tomcat to speak to non-local host addresses. So edit:


find the line with <Connector port="18080" protocol="HTTP/1.1" and remove the address="" part of this line.

Reload tomcat.

Step two: You have to copy all YOUR local static stuff (branding images etc.) to the tomcat root, at LEAST you want to copy the Apache2 index.html page (auto forward).

cp /srv/www/htdocs/index.html /opt/novell/grpwise-tomcat8/webapps/ROOT

If you have any additional static content please make sure that the content is readable by tomcat so a

chgrp -R grpwise-tomcat8 /opt/novell/grpwise-tomcat8/webapps/ROOT/

might be needed.

Step 3: Open the port 18080 in the local firewall for your load balancer and a test machine (not the world).

Step 4: Reconfigure the load balancer to use the port 18080 instead of port 80.

A word of warning: Every GroupWise WebAccess update could break “Step 1” so be prepared to repeat this step after an update.



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