Wirelessly updated display of boardroom meeting schedule


Have you ever wished there was an easy way to use your GroupWise system to wirelessly display an up to date daily schedule of your boardroom, or meeting room? With GroupWise calendar publishing and a wirelessly connected tablet it's actually fairly easy to do.

    1. Setup and enable a GroupWise calendar publishing server and enable the appropriate domain/po/users to publish as per the documentation:
      GroupWise 2014 Administration Guide - Calendar Publishing Host


    1. If not done already, create a resource for your boardroom and publish its calendar to your gwcal server. You can of course do this for multiple rooms.


    1. Edit the calhost.cfg file.On OES it is at /var/opt/novell/groupwise/calhost/
      On Windows it is at c:\Novell\GroupWise\calhost

      Find and edit the following settings:

      Templates.Content.Refresh=60 in order to set it to refresh every minute.
      User.Calendar.defaultView=Day so that it displays the daily view


    1. Restart your novell-tomcat6 to force loading the new gwcal webapp settings


    1. Take a wireless enabled tablet and use its browser to access your /gwcal website. Find the appropriate boardroom calendar in the list and open it. If possible bookmark and/or create a shortcut to it on your tablet's homescreen for easy access.


    1. Check that published calendar on tablet browser receives updates every minute by adding and changing appointments in appropriate calendar.


    1. Use a product such as padtab to mount tablet in appropriate spot by/on boardroom door


    1. Both bookmark the page in the browser, as well as create a link/icon for the page in a visible location on main page of Tablet interface/desktop in case it crashes or is closed accidentally.


    1. VOILA, you now have a wireless boardroom schedule display. You can setup for as many rooms as you require.


    1. Don't forget to keep the tablet(s) charged overnight every few days.

I have been using this setup successfully for over 2 years using a handful of BlackBerry Playbooks and it works quite well.

Some helpful tips which I'll keep adding as discovered:

    • Set your browser to fullscreen to get best use of screen real estate. On BlackBerry PlayBook it is a simple toggle in the top right corner. You can force Safari on iPad to display proper fullscreen using steps here, something similar may work for Chrome on Android.


    • Auto start browser using many available apps. For Android there is a simple free one called AutoStart - No root. On ios .... still looking


    • If a 24 hour shop, consider placing tablet next to, instead of directly on door and running a power plug close by to keep device charged at all times. Alternatively, simply swap identically configured devices every few days, keeping 1 charged while other is active as this may avoid clutter of visible wiring.

Note: Currently it will always display your notes and tasks on the right, as well as the mini calendar on the left as the gwcal webhost does not currently provide a way to disable displaying these as default, but the GroupWise developers have already added it to a forthcoming release with plans to also provide a Tablet Conference room template with this all disabled. Also planned is some cool colour coding, and auto center on current time for those who run 24 hours.


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