Setting GroupWise Agent HTTP User and Password

Have you ever needed to set or reset all of your GroupWise agent HTTP users and password settings? This may be because the passwords need to change occasionally for security or you want to set all of the HTTP users to have the same username and password because you are installing and setting up GroupWise Monitor. If you have ever done this, you know that it is a chore to do it manually in the GroupWise Admin console.

Here is a utility that removes that chore and allows you to set the HTTP user and password for all MTAs, POAs, and GWIAs in your system. The only requirements are that your primary domain is GroupWise 14.x or later, that you run the utility on a 64 bit OS, and that you know GroupWise System Administrator credentials to connect through the GroupWise REST API.

Both Windows and Linux version of the utility are supplied. The Linux version has been tested on SLES 11 SP2, SP3, and SLES 12. The utility may not work properly a different Linux OS


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