DSRAZOR for GroupWise

DSRAZOR for GroupWise provides you with unsurpassed abilities to effectively secure, delegate, administer and audit your GroupWise installations.

DSRAZOR's patented Designer interface provides a drag-and-drop development environment for creating numerous GroupWise-specific management and security reporting applets. You can also customize any of the applets already built into the product to generate the exact management and reporting applet you require.

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The major components of DSRAZOR for GroupWise include:

  • User Account Management

  • Security Management and Reporting

  • Disk Space Reporting

  • Distribution List Management

Below is a review of these components in greater detail.

User Account Management

DSRAZOR for GroupWise's interface reduces your reliance upon ConsoleOne and NWAdmin when performing common user account management tasks.

  • Create GroupWise and eDirectory/NDS accounts with a template

  • Import GroupWise and eDirectory/NDS accounts simultaneously from CSV files*

  • Import distribution list membership from CSV files*

  • Find inactive accounts and optionally delete GroupWise account plus eDirectory/NDS account

  • Discover last login date for each account and optionally delete inactive accounts

  • Count GroupWise users per post office

  • Set GroupWise address book visibility for multiple accounts

  • Search for GroupWise users by their FID

  • Edit certain eDirectory/NDS attributes (phone number, given name, last name, title, full name, title, department, fax number) and automatically write the new values to the GroupWise Address Book*

  • Edit eDirectory/NDS attributes that start with NGW: (such as mailbox expiration) and commit the changes to GroupWise immediately*

Security Management and Reporting

DSRAZOR for GroupWise gives you the ability to manage, audit and report on the security of your GroupWise installation.

  • Change GroupWise and eDirectory/NDS passwords

  • Find all accounts with NO GroupWise PASSWORD

  • Report proxy access for each account (including the privileged accounts and the privileges granted)

  • Find all users with any specific proxy privilege assigned

Disk Space Reporting

When you use DSRAZOR for GroupWise you receive the power to report on disk space usage and quotas within your GroupWise environment.

  • Document the amount of disk space in use for each user's GroupWise mailbox

  • Report the number of messages in each account's INBOX, OUTBOX and TRASH folders

  • Discover all accounts with disk space quotas

  • Find out if any accounts with disk space quotas have exceeded their warning threshold

Distribution List Management

DSRAZOR for GroupWise gives you the ability to comprehensively document and manage distribution list memberships.

  • Manage GroupWise distribution list memberships

  • View distribution list membership per user

  • Find users not belonging to any distribution lists

* These features require the use of both DSRAZOR for GroupWise and DSRAZOR for eDirectory/NDS and NetWare

For more information on DSRAZOR for GroupWise, visit http://www.visualclick.com/content/groupwise.htm

To request your FREE 7-day evaluation, visit http://www.visualclick.com/content/dsrazorgwevalrequest.htm

home page url: http://www.visualclick.com/content/groupwise.htm

download url: http://www.visualclick.com/content/dsrazorgwevalrequest.htm


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