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Do you feel the options for archiving GroupWise email to the cloud are too limited? This article will help you understand more options that are available for GroupWise. Many products that were designed to only work with Microsoft Exchange when archiving email, now work with GroupWise. Here are a few large scale, world-wide cloud computing industry leaders that work with GroupWise: Symantec, Google, Proofpoint, and Smarsh, to name a few.

Symantec Enterprise
Enterprise is Symantec's cloud-based archiving service. Symantec has been named a leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Information Archiving for 11 straight years. Symantec says Enterprise, "securely captures information in a centralized and tamper-proof online repository". For some organizations this is critical. They also provide seamless user access, roles-based access for eDiscovery, rapid search functionality and more.

VHB, an engineering, planning, design and environmental firm explains how Symantec solution reduced their administrative burden and weekly archiving duties.

"Searches that previously took 30 minutes now happen in about three minutes, as much as 10 times faster," says Geoff Pangonis, Messaging Administrator. "And it's nice to be able to go in and get a history of what you've done. From our legal counsel's standpoint, they are in the driver's seat by being able to find if something's out there."

He goes on to further explain, "Enterprise gives me more time to work on other infrastructure improvements."

Google Vault
Another archiving cloud provider Google, states that more than "5 million businesses have gone Google". They offer 100% web based applications, including email archiving, with their Google Vault solution. Google Vault utilizes the same interface as Gmail which many users are already familiar with and for education and many other organizations, Google offers email archiving in the cloud at a dramatic discount. Google also states that they were designed as a cloud-based solution from the ground up, so no need to maintain desktop components. Google's data storage solution is one of the premier storage solutions worldwide. Not only do they store email in Vault, but many of the same data centers are used for Gmail and Google Apps, Google , photos, etc. They know how to manage performance, storage, backups, redundancy and security for their data centers.

Somerville Cambridge Elder Services a non-profit organization liked the option of a cloud solution and went with Google Vault. "Not only did Google Vault meet our needs with their technology but their price point for non-profit was a huge factor". - David Whitty, Network & Technology Administrator.

Proofpoint Enterprise Archive
Proofpoint's archiving differentiator is their patented DoubleBlind Key Architecture. It is the only solution in the industry that gives you "access to your information at all times," ensuring organizations that they remain in complete control of their cloud data. "Unlike all other cloud archiving solutions that are susceptible to risks of co-mingling, data breach, and third party access, Proofpoint never has access to the customer's encryption key". The customer possess the encryption key which is unique in this industry, so only they can access your data. This is how Proofpoint ensures organizations of "complete privacy and no-breach security".

"Archiving is a regulatory requirement for our company and with the Proofpoint solution it has become something we don't need to think about, it just gets done. Proofpoint enterprise archive makes archiving and retrieving information fast and easy." - IT Manager, Raymond James Ltd.

"Proofpoint delivers a cost effective cloud solution with strong technical support and very responsive when we ask for help. It has save us lots of time fulfilling FOIA requests " - CIO, Stafford County

Smarsh Archiving Platform
Smarsh is "the first company to deliver integrated archiving solutions for social media, mobile messaging and web content". When reviewing their ever-expanding list of what they archive is impressive: everything from Email, YouTube, Jabber, chatter, to Twitter and much more.

Smarsh Archiving Platform's strength is providing solutions for highly-regulated industries where organizations need features like email encryption and enforcement policies based on keywords across every message field, or need the use of Smarsh's "proprietary policy enforcement engine that introduces unparalleled, automated efficiency in message supervision". Their proprietary policy engine scans and then takes action before the message is delivered, giving administrators options to either block specific messages or sending messages to a queue to review and approve later.

Smarsh also has a policy enforcement engine, where messages or groups can be classified to meets specific policies based on key words across every message field. Smarsh's archiving solution offers many more impressive features and functionalities.

Heron Financial is a great example of how Smarsh solutions efficiently and easily archive and search email in addition to social media. Heron Financial was already using Smarsh for email archiving but added their archiving support for social media before launching their marketing initiatives. Smarsh's Archiving Platform was able to capture all the content and make it available to search and review.

"We have a one-person compliance department and wanted a solution that would limit time spent on supervision to no more than an hour each week," said David Edwards, founder and president of Heron Financial. "Smarsh filled the bill. We generate a high volume of social media content, and Smarsh offered us a tool that made a vast field of data easily searchable."

Nexic Journaling
Nexic Journaling is the glue that connects GroupWise to many cloud-based archiving solutions that were only written to work with Microsoft Exchange when archiving email. Now these powerful archiving solutions work with GroupWise.

To learn more about Nexic Journaling please contact Nexic at (801) 434-4717 or visit us at


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Comment List
  • This article is to inform GroupWise customers about additional cloud solutions they may not be familiar with. Solutions that Nexic Journaling brings to GroupWise. There are a few other cloud providers that say they work with GroupWise, but Nexic Journaling has not been tested on those products. All cloud providers have unique features and benefits, as well as shortcomings, and one solution may work for one organization, and not for another. Everyone has their own needs - we just wanted to let customers know they have additional options they may not be aware of. Regarding Google Vault, we didn't say anything about migrating to Gmail, nor would we. We have customers who use GroupWise and Google Vault because of features they need, and Google's non-profit pricing can't be beat. Vault is not Gmail by any means. It is based on their Postini/Google Message Discovery email archiving product.
  • It really surprising that you left off GWAVA Retain, which I would assume would be the #1 cloud archiving solution for GroupWise users, and has been a stalwart for Novell & Groupwise archiving longer than any of the companies mentioned above. We have been running Retain on-prem for years, but they have what looks to be an awesome Cloud service, They were also recently selected by Infotech as the #1 GroupWise archiving solution, as well as the best value for archiving. Here is the report

    Also surprising that you would mention Symantec, whose wheels seem to be falling off the wagon, and their archiving solution is a little long in the tooth.

    Then you recommend Google Vault? You are on a Novell site recommending people migrate from GroupWise to Gmail? That is pretty ballsy.

    Not really familiar with the other recommendations, so I won't comment on them. But looking at that Infotech report, everyone on the list looks lacking...except for GWAVA.
  • Our company has been in use archiving platform, but I want to know more about this, thank you for sharing, Symantec maybe the best I think!
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