Updating GroupWise Agents without ZENWorks



We need to update GroupWise agents, but we don't have ZENWorks. While you can run the GroupWise agent installer for each postoffice and domain, and can run the GWIA installer for each GWIA, I never ever do (except for GroupWise WebAccess - I use the installer to update that!). Upgrading GroupWise agents is far easier done through batch-copying the associated .NLM and .FIL files. Here's how:


1. Create a folder somewhere and name it C:\GWUPDATE.656 or something that works for you.

2. Copy all the files from the directories listed below (from GroupWise 6.5.6 IR1 or GroupWise 6.5.7 beta) into this folder. Put them all in the root of the folder; do NOT preserve subfolders!


3. Copy the contents of GWUPDATE.656 into the SYS:SYSTEM folder of each GroupWise server. Don't worry if the server involved doesn't need MTA or GWIA, as the files aren't that big, and they don't load unless called upon to do so.

You can make a batch file to do this for each server if you have the rights to the SYSTEM folders. Something like this should do the trick:

"ATTRIB \\servername\sys\system\*.* -r" 
"XCOPY C:\GWUPDATE.656\*.* \\servername\sys\system /c /d /y > servernamereport.txt"

4. Review the servernamereport.txt files for errors and address them accordingly! All files must successfully copy or you may have a version conflict which may result in an abend!

On each updated server, (starting with the primary domain MTA),

5. Unload MTA, POA, and GWIA by pressing F7 from within the Agent screen.

6. From the command prompt, type UNLOAD GWTSA.

7. From the command prompt, type M GW*

8. If you see GWENN4.NLM, GWXIS*, or GWTSA, manually unload it. If you can't unload it, reboot the server.

9. Load the agents using whatever NCF file you have for this purpose (usually GRPWISE.NCF and GWIA.NCF).

10. You may want to load them in protected memory. Unload them and load by typing:


Note: You may need to apply the optional TSAFSGW for GroupWise 6.5.6 if you load GroupWise in protected memory.

You are done!

Optional Steps for Using Protected Memory

You may also download the TSAFSGW (replacement for GWTSA) and place TSAFSGW.NLM into GWUPDATE.656 as well from here.

1. Modify GWTSA.NCF so that GWTSA.NLM is TSAFSGW.NLM. The rest of the file is fine.

2. Unload GWTSA.NLM and load GWTSA.NCF to test.

3. After applying this, deselect and reselect GroupWise within your backup system, as the resource names will have changed.

4. In Symantec BackupExec, go to Text View of selections to remove the old GroupWise selections. They will no longer show up in the graphical view!

Remember, these steps are optional - but if you don't follow them, you may have problems backing up GroupWise if the agents are loaded in protected memory.

I would try updating without TSAFSGW first, since modifying all those GWTSA.NCFs can be a stumbling block if you have hundreds of postoffices.


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