GroupWise 7 Advanced Technical Training

Your collaborative environment—the e-mail, instant messaging, calendaring and task management tools that people use to share ideas and business information— is the vital engine driving the day-to-day activities of your organization. As a busy administrator, you know the importance of keeping this engine up and running for your users. Take this hands-on Novell GroupWise 7 course and learn the best methods for keeping your collaborative services stable and available. Topics covered include: applying patches, configuring Internet collaboration on NetWareRegistered and Linux platforms, managing e-mail recovery and more.

During this course, you will learn how to complete the following tasks:

* Use GroupWise WebConsole and GroupWise Monitor
* Install and configure GroupWise WebAccess Agent on NetWare and Linux
* Install and configure GroupWise Internet Agent on Linux
* Install and use GroupWise Monitor on Linux
* Manage Restore areas to recover e-mail

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