Adding a graphic to your GroupWise Signature

Adding a graphic to your GroupWise Signature

Whether for business or fun, having a graphic included in your email signature is a good way of getting attention in your correspondence.  In GroupWise adding the company logo or a humorous picture to your various signatures is easy if you know where to click. (You DID know you can have multiple signatures, didn’t you?)

I’m using GroupWise 2014 for this example, but the process for all recent versions of GroupWise is pretty much the same.   First, of course, you need a graphic stored somewhere you can grab. Be conscious of the size and resolution of your graphic.  Make sure it’s just how you want it to appear in your signature.  GroupWise isn’t <insert the name of your favorite graphic manipulation program here> so do your graphic work before putting it in your signature.   Once you have your graphic ready, here are the steps to get it into your signature:

  • Open GroupWise (if that wasn’t obvious)

  • From the top toolbar, click “Tools”

  • At the bottom of the dropdown, select “Options…”

    Getting you to the right place Getting you to the right place

  • Now double click on the “Environment” icon

  • Select the “Signature” tab. (It may be on the bottom or top row of tabs)

  • Enter the text of your signature

  • Click on the little double carrot on the bottom right corner of the signature text box

    Getting you to the correct menu Getting you to the correct menu

  • This brings up a menu of all types of formatting options, one of which is “Insert Picture”

  • Select this, pick your graphic you’ve saved somewhere

Voilà!  You have a graphic in your signature.  As you can see from the screen shot of my signature below, I’ve added a horizontal line above my graphic.  Experiment with it.  You can get that signature looking exactly like you want it.


Remember you can have multiple signatures for multiple purposes. One for work.  Another for fun.  Another for your volunteer work.  GroupWise lets your personality shine through in your email communication.  Have fun!


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  •   in reply to microcare
    Let me point you to some GW experts that can help figure it out for you. Go to the GroupWise forums:
    Login, and select the GW:2014 Clients forum. Post your question there (you can include a link back to this blog post if you want). There are lots of friendly GW experts there that are more than willing to help. Good luck!

    My computer used to beat me a chess all the time ..... until I changed the competition to kick boxing.

  •   in reply to microcare
    From the window where you create/send an email:
    - Click "Edit".
    - Select the last item on the list: "Change Signature".
    - Select the signature you want to use.

    Kevin Boyle, 
    Knowledge Partner

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

    Thanks Kim for the info.
    I had a lot of use out of multiple signatures as I wear many hats.
    In GW 2012 I could chose which signature to use on sending the email but I can't find any way of switching Signature's now we have moved to GW 2014 r2.
    Any thoughts
    Sorry for the delayed response! Thanks for the info.
    Hi Marquer,

    Once you have your graphic in your signature, highlight it then click on that little arrow again and select Add Hyperlink. Add your URL there and now your graphic will be hyperlinked.

    My computer used to beat me a chess all the time ..... until I changed the competition to kick boxing.

    Kim, very nice directions. Can we take it an extra step? What if I want an icon that has a url. For example, I want the Facebook or Twitter icon in my signature. I want the recipient to be able to click on the icon and be sent to my Twitter or Facebook account. Is that possible within GroupWise? I am on GW 2014 sp2.