Novell GroupWise 8.0.0 View Designer


Novell GroupWise 8.0.0 View Designer



  1. Make sure you have the 32-bit version of GroupWise 8.0.0 or greater installed.

  • Copy the files of VDESIGN.EXE, GWVDA1EN.DLL, GWVDA1EN.HLP to the directory where you installed the GroupWise Windows client (i.e. c:\program files\Novell\GroupWise\ ).

  • To run the View Designer, run the VDESIGN.EXE program.

Viewing the Documentation

You can view the View Designer help file by double clicking on the GWVDA1EN.HLP file or from the Help menu with the View Designer program.


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  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    That works!
    Thanks a lot!
  • Ed Hanley released the GroupWise 8 View Designer back in january 2009. Great work, Ed!

    This one works only with the GW 8.0.0 Client and works from the GroupWise client directory (you copy the View Designer files to the GW 8.0.0 Client directory, as Ed describes in the install instructions).

    You've installed the GW 8.0.1 Client (GW8 SP1).
    Now what?

    Simple: save some files from the GW 8.0.0 Client directory and put them together with the GW 8.0.0 View Designer. That way you run it as if you had the GW 8.0.0 Client installed (using a Windows feature, to look for the DLL files FIRST in the current directory).

    To be precise - save these files from the GW 8.0.0 Client:

    They can be found in the GW 8.0.0 Client that you can download from the Evaluation version of GW8,
    the Novell GroupWise 8 Evaluation eMedia Kit.

    Select the file named gw800_client_win_en.exe (88.4MB).

    Extract that file and save the files listed above (from the subdirectory WIN32) to a new directory. Copy the files from the GroupWise 8 View Designer to the same directory.

    That's it. Now run the VDesign.exe and it recognizes the DLL files in the current directory. TIP:
    When a new version comes out for the GW Client, you can still run the View Designer and Ed does not have to rewrite the files to recognize the newer DLL files from the newer GW Client.
  • in reply to MigrationDeletedUser
    It's working when you download the GW800 client - from - and extract the client (install) directory, then you move the files from the GWVD800 (View Designer) to that directory and voila, it works!

    You see, the GWVD View Designer depends on the library / .dll files from that specific client software. Once you install GW801, the GWVD View Designer needs an update (GWVD801) or you need to "save" the GW800 setup files to keep it working.

    So - it workst from an install directory with GW800 files.


  • should it work with GW8 SP1?
    I get this error:
    "Der Prozedureinsprungpunkt "?SetPath@XPTEMPFILES@QAEHPAD@Z" wurde in der DLL "gwxplt1.dll" nicht gefunden"
  • Is there a version of the view designer that works with hot patch 1 for GroupWise 8?