checkServices Notification for GroupWise Mobility Service (GMS) Administration



Notification service if any DataSync services/connectors go offline. The script restarts the services if any are found to be in a dead/unused state and sends an email to the administrator defined in the script file. The notification email contains the following information:

    • hostname of server


    • date/time when services were found offline


    • the list of services found offline


    • status of services after a restart attempt


    • the current log levels


    • an attachment with a copy of all the logs and other server information

Running the script manually displays the following and will appear in the notification email:

Checking for DataSync Config Engine:		running
Checking for DataSync Web Admin: running
Checking for DataSync Connector Manager: running
Checking for DataSync Engine: running
Mobility Connector listening on port 443: true
GroupWise Connector listening on port 4500: true

When implemented with crontab, the script can be set to run every hour, for example. This allows an administrator to be notified of a failure before users complain. Edit the script file and replace with the desired administrator's email. You can likewise configure a list of email address by placing them in single quotes separated by a comma and a space - 'email1, email2, email3'

To run the script regularly with crontab, just place the script file into /etc/cron.hourly to run hourly or /etc/cron.daily to run daily. Custom definitions can be made by editing the crontab file manually:

crontab -e

An example of running the script every 30 minutes:

*/30 * * * * /root/scripts/


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