Nokia, Intellisync, and GroupWise Mobile Server

You may already be aware of Nokia's recent announcement to discontinue Intellisync development and, eventually, support. Intellisync is what we license and sell as GroupWise Mobile Server. There are two important facts you should know.

  • Novell is committed to continue offering innovative mobility solutions (including support) for all GroupWise users moving forward.

  • Nokia will offer support for Intellisync products for a period of two (2) years after End of Sale (EOS) date.

Meeting the needs of the collaboration market requires innovative mobility solutions, and Novell has a proven track record in this arena. We have led the market with secure, reliable and flexible mobility solutions in the past. And our commitment to do so in the future is not impacted by changes in the broader software landscape. As it has always been, our commitment is to evaluate, evolve and implement the best alternatives for delivering on our commitment to our customers and their mobility needs.


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    First of all I can't actually understand why Nokia has stopped Intellisync development. It was a powerful and moreover popular tool for mobile phones. But I think if they have done that - it was the right decision. What's more, I just want to say thanks to Novell guys for creating some nice mobile solutions for us, for their work and efforts. Thanks for you nice blog and a loan of information you are giving here.


    Bill Modson
    Novell story about thirdy parties products is not better.
    Do you remember Netscape WebServer, IBM WebSphere, Open-Xchange and Astaro was all bundled OEM into Novell products and after abandoned.

    Zenworks NAC also are an OEM from StillSecure.
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    Exactly what is happening to me....

    After many years as a Groupwise shop, my hand is being forced...Q1 next year we will be on Exchange.

    And announcements like this certainly don't give me any ammunition to fight this change.

    I'm pretty much too tired from many years fighting the "Groupwise is superior" fight. Time to give up, roll over, and just go with what the masses want.
    "Meeting the needs of the collaboration market requires innovative mobility solutions, and Novell has a proven track record in this arena."

    The only track record I am aware of is one for being the last to the market with a solution that their competitors have had for months or even years. There were several mobility products on the market before GMS came out. Given that it is better than any of the others IMHO, it was not there when we were begging for it. Now here we sit with a new mobile device (iPhone) that has been out for over a year and Novell still has not made any visible attempt to support the device. I can appreciate that it takes time to develop solutions, that they cannot turn them out overnight. But guys you don't have to wait until the technology is nearly antiquated before you decide to notice it. 2 years of support from Nokia just tells me that Novell just got a 2 year window to do nothing until the last minute.

    Novell has been a leader and an innovator in many areas over the years, but mobile solutions have not been one of them.
    And thus is another piece of great software discarded, before it even is settled properly into the market.
    I don't know what it is, but if you want pple keep migrating to Exchange keep going this way. Eventually no groupwise users will be left.... :( :(

    In the last couple of years i never had a migration towards GroupWise, but a lot towards M$E
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    Novells commitment is NOT impacted by this or similar changes. Their software are impacted, though. They will have to come up with another solution. I think this was meant to state exactly that, because their commitment remains the same.
    As the trend would prove currently in Africa, Novell is such a small percentage of the market. Announcements like this just don't help at all. Cellphones and mail go together - simply means that less people will purchase Nokia's if their company is using Groupwise Intellesync simple as that.....

    Other Cellphone products are also just as good as any Nokia today... No loss....Simply a different phone....!!!
    Nokia doesn't have a great track record for acquired products. If you ever tried to find the Intellisync software on their web site, you will know why. They are completely clueless when if comes to marketing. They make Novell look like geniuses in that department.

    Novell should be working very hard on purchasing the product line and then extending it to Blackberry like they originally announced when they introduced it.
    "And our commitment to do so in the future is not impacted by changes in the broader software landscape." Are you a software company? If so, it's rather arrogant to say you're not impacted by the broader software landscape. Are you crazy enough to think that Novell clients use only Novell software? Can we say IP vs IPX?