Tips for Migrating from GroupWise 6.5 to GroupWise 8 in a NetWare 6.5 Environment


  1. When you install GroupWise from a workstation with Windows XP SP2, you have the Novell ClientTm 4.90 SP2 or later installed. If you have an earlier Novell Client, the GroupWise Installation process might report that it cannot find the software directory.

  • In some cases, the process of updating the GWIA from GroupWise 6.5 to 8, does not update the file SYS\SYSTEM\GWIA.CFG, it only renames it in GWIA.CF1 and copies a new one GWIA.CFG. It is necessary to document the parameters of the old GWIA.CFG before the migration and to place them in the new one.

  • The process of updating the GroupWise WebAccess 8 places the configurations files in SYS\Novell\GroupWise\WebAccess. The previous versions, are placed in SYS\Novell\WebAccess. If you want to maintain the configuration, rename the previous folder WebAccess (WebAccessold, for example) and copy all the files existing in SYS\Novell\GroupWise\WebAccess to SYS\Novell\WebAccess

  • The URL of the GroupWise WebAccess 6.5 is http://dnsname or ip address/servlet/webacc. In the GroupWise WebAccess 8 the URL should be http://dnsname or ip address//gw/webacc.

  • If you have configured Apache with the URL of the GroupWise WebAccess, you must make the necessary changes.

  • Once the installation of GroupWise WebAccess is complete, it is recommended that the server be restarted. In some cases, the automatic process of loading Apache and Tomcat, apparently, is not executed correctly and some modules of Tomcat do not change correctly.


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