50 Questions about and around GroupWise 2014

Novell recently hosted a webinar that was attended by over 170 customers and partners.  It included a status-update for GroupWise 2014 as well as a summary of the product features. In addition, there was an in-depth technical presentation on how to upgrade to GroupWise 2014.

You are welcome to view the recorded webinar here.

Attendees of the webinar, asked a number of great questions about GroupWise 2014. We thought it would be useful to share these questions, along with our answers, with as many of our customers and partners as possible, so please find the full list here. If you have additional questions or require further explanation - please post it here and we will keep the document updated.




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  • Are you kidding me?

    "Unsupported OS
    This recorded Webinar is only available for Windows 2000 or higher."
  • One question that was asked but not included in this list of 50 is:

    What is happening with the GroupWise IDM Driver? Will there be a GroupWise 2014 version and when?

    Answer: Novell will be releasing a new IDM driver for GroupWise 2014. We expect it will deliver about the same time as GroupWise 2014 or within 30 days. The GroupWise 2012 driver is not compatible with GroupWise 2014 and so our advice to any GroupWise IDM customers is to wait to upgrade to GroupWise 2014 until the new GroupWise 2014 IDM driver is released.