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Q. LL wrote: We are moving to GroupWise 8 later this year and I am wondering if there is a capability to create custom templates? For example, if I want people to be able to send me an email requesting time off, could I have a template that they fill in that automatically has a number of headings such as date range, type of leave, brief description, etc.

A. Not with GroupWise natively. There may be third party utilities out there that can do this however they are usually not free. There might be some solutions out there that our creative readers have come up with. Anyone got a clever idea for this?


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  • After distributing the .vew files (using ZENworks), to the Groupwise root folder, the templates are selectable from within the client. Just click the drop-down by New Mail, and the templates will be listed. The key is, when you save the .VEW file, there are two dialogs. The first asks for a file name, the second asks for the View Name. View Name defaults to "Mail," but you'll want to change it to a descriptive name for the template. For instance, if you save it with the View Name "Template 1", your Groupwise client will show "Template 1" in the drop-down list.

    This works with GW 8.02, I don't know about any other versions.