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Q. LL wrote: We are moving to GroupWise 8 later this year and I am wondering if there is a capability to create custom templates? For example, if I want people to be able to send me an email requesting time off, could I have a template that they fill in that automatically has a number of headings such as date range, type of leave, brief description, etc.

A. Not with GroupWise natively. There may be third party utilities out there that can do this however they are usually not free. There might be some solutions out there that our creative readers have come up with. Anyone got a clever idea for this?


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  • To do templates in GroupWise is easy. Not sure why others think it's not there or hard.

    Open a email, fill in the "to" field or leave it blank if it never goes to the same address.
    Fill in a subject line, Type up the body of the email as you want it to read.
    Now on the same email click on the "File" toolbar option, then select "Save View". It wil open a explorer windows and want you to name it. Leave it set to the GroupWise folder and just type in the name of your template in the "File Name" field and click "Save:"
    Another dialog box will open and ask you to Name the "View Name" This is what will appear in GroupWise, I always use the same name as the the last window when you saved the file.

    Ok now close the email and select no to save it. Go to the down arrow beside "NEW MAIL" button on the GroupWise Client tool bar. Click on the down arrow and you will see Mail*, Mail(simple) Posted Message and then the new template name you just made.. Click on the new name and your new template will open. Do any editing and send it out.

    Once in a while on select pc's I have seen where the template opens smaller than you might like. Re-size the window to your liking and go the the steps to save it again. Pick your saved file and over write it. Now it will look correct.
    No need for 3rd party apps, also if you need to do this on multiple pc's you can make the template on the first pc, then go to the GW folder where the file saves and cope the file to the same location on other pc's and it will show up on there pc too.

    You can save the file on the desktop and just click on it to send it out. That was described in other post on here.
  • From this step: "Click on the new name and your new template will open. Do any editing and send it out." have EMPT (without Body. only with Subj) mail..

    I`m reate New Mail for Template as:
    HTML with Picture
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