Groupwise Demo offline?

I have to train GW users to increase efficiency by using as many smart solutions in GW mail, calendar and tasks as possible. During the instruction I'm not online.
I downloaded a full version of GW, but it won't start, because no IP connection.
Is there a special GW version for training purposes?


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  • Download the client from the public beta and install it as a IMAP client or start it with /pr- after the GRPWISE.EXE in the properties where is a local directory. That way you run it as REMOTE, so without a connection to the server. Set the SMTP (outgoing) correct and you can use it to email. You can even turn the 'unsent messages' off in the TOOLS options remote general ...

  • Is there a way to test the client without the server? I want to look at it! ;-)
  • download
    and or get a full copy of VMware WS

    install the GW agents to the SLES box under VMware
    install the GW client to your laptop and it can connect to the server under VMware

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    Thanks a lot for taking the trouble to help me with this. I will discuss this with my collegues and see if this will work for us..

  • If you have a particularly snarfy laptop, even if you run windows on it, set it up to dual boot, load a minimal SLES Sp1 install ( no gui saves LOTS of space AND RAM ).

    When you go to do training take a very inexpensive 8 port gigabit switch ( Lynksys/Cisco ) makes 1 for about $80.00 US ) and some cables., faster then you can say Presto Chango you are in training.

  • but you could do the following....

    1. Take any reasonable workstation you have laying about ( with at least say a gig of ram in it and load up SLES 10sp1 and plug it into your LAN, give it a static IP address.

    2. Install Directory Services on it, and join your current tree or have a stand alone tree, your choice ( full install of OES2 if you like )

    3. Install GW for Linux on the box and create a new GW system ( more then one can exist in a tree ), heck DL version 8 beta 5 for that matter (all older clients will be able to connect ) , create ONLY a PO and a DOMAIN.

    4. Create your training users as obvious fake names as ** EXTERNAL USERS ONLY ** within the alternate GW system. Yes they will be in your tree but ONLY as external users so no impact on actual user accounts.

    You now have a "Teaching System" and your cost has been the box and a few hours of your time. Best of all it is completely self contained ( if you don't install it into your current tree) and will not affect your current GW system, and you can flush all content when you are done and are then ready for the next class.
    Best of all you can just power down the box when it is not in use.