PASSChg 2.9 (Beta)


Without pulling the current version of PASSChg off line, version 2.9 is now available. I have had only limited testing on this version with the GroupWise addin.


  • Workstation running WindowsXP or WindowsNT
  • Novell NDS (any version)
  • Novell NDS password set with the tightest restrictions of all systems

In today's networking environments many are living in two worlds, NT/XP & Novell. This program is designed for end users in those environments to help keep passwords synchronized.

In a WindowsXP or WindowsNT desktop environment users are faced with a minimum of two passwords, a local account password and a network password. In many mixed environments a user will have a local password, a Novell NDS password and a Microsoft domain password. In addition there is no easy way for a user to change their password. Users are forced to press CTRL-ALT-DEL to access a change screen. Also there is no password checking as a user tries to change passwords. So password restrictions configured in NDS are not the same as those of the local PC or the NT domain. PASSChg uses a users NDS password as a key. (For this reason users NDS passwords should be configured with the tightest restrictions of all systems) If the program cannot change the NDS password, it will not try to change any other password. If it can change the NDS password it will then try to change the PC Password and any attached NT domain passwords. The program can also change any single system password if needed.

Version History:

  • Corrects a bug where the program might see the same NT Domain more than once. Special thanks to Esa Nurmi for reporting the problem and for helping with the debug testing.
  • Added command line options for default settings. Thanks to James Partridge for the suggestion and for testing.
  • Disabled Password Sync warning message if /no option is used. Thanks to Jeanette Greenfield for the suggestion.
  • Changed User Interface and colors
  • Changed eDir password change function to support DirXML 1.1 to ADS password sync
  • Auto close application when all passwords are changed successfully
  • Added GroupWise support Limited testing done


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