Discovering when someone last logged into GroupWise

Paula N. wrote:

Q. Does Novell have the capability to display the last time I logged on to my email account?

A. This question crops up quite a bit. We have an answer posted over in the Cool Solutions Freezer -- which contains older content that was never migrated to this community platform -- and it's still true. But we'll put it here too and expand a bit on it because it is obviously still interesting to folks.

The answer is, it depends on who you are. If you are an administrator with access to ConsoleOne, you can find out when someone last used their email account. As it says in the old tip from 2007:

1. In GWCheck, select Audit Report (instead of the default Analyze/Fix Databases).

2. Have it report on accounts where users haven't logged into their accounts in x days.

3. Set that to something like one day, and you'll get a listing of nearly all your users (anyone who hasn't logged in for the last day), along with the last time they used GroupWise.

The reason GroupWise admins need to do it from time to time is all about managing licenses. Once a year or once every other year, GroupWise customers have to provide information to our License team on the amount of licenses they use. They use this report to see when the last login times are for users. If they find some that haven't logged in for some time, they can expire those accounts to get that license back.

However, if you're a normal GroupWise end user, there is nothing available that will let you look up your last login date. But honestly, we can't think of a reason you'd want to do that. If you can think of one, post a comment. We're really curious.


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