Integrating Visual Basic commands and GroupWise

Q. Jim C. wrote: I have a question regarding GroupWise email and integrating it with Visual Basic.

I am trying to set up a VBA application that will basically create a copy of an Excel worksheet and also email it to destination clients. The problem is that it needs to be sent using the "delayed send" option in GroupWise. In this office, we deal a lot with sensitive information that cannot be published until a specified date and time. Are there commands that we can use upon execution of the VBA macro (in VBA) that will open up GroupWise, allow us to set the values for the "delayed send" and then continue the execution of the macro?

Be advised that I know how to embed a command in VBA to send an email in GroupWise. I just don't know how to open up GroupWise in the VBA module to make adjustments to the delay send (i.e. manually set the date and time for the message to be sent) and then have the macro continue executing.

A. Unfortunately we are not aware of a way to do what you are looking for via a VBA script or macro. The calls to GW are done through our developer API sets. You can find more information about these sets and how they work by going to


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    Hiya, Please can you help, I am trying to work out how I can get an email address copied over to a cell in Excel. I have set up a Macro which will send file via Novel but can not copy over the email address from FROM field to spreadsheet. Hope there is a way round this. Thanks

    You could have VBA display a pop up asking for the date/time of delay and then just have it call gwsend.exe which is available for download on Cool Solutions. Gwsend.exe will email with attachments and supports the delay feature.
    Potential approaches to sending GW email on a schedule.

    A. Use CRON, DTS or a scheduled task to trigger the email to send.

    B. You could write an app that fires every hour that will check a spreadsheet or database to see if anything needs to be sent, and then send (with attachments) based on that schedule.