Sorting by date within categories in GroupWise

Q. Tia W. wrote: I believe you may have answered this, but I have a specific issue with sorting. I want to sort by Category and then have the messages be listed by date within the Category. A co-worker of mine is able to do this by first sorting by date and then category. However, when I do this my categories are sorted correctly but the emails have dates all over the place, definitely not chronological. Is there anyway to do category & date? Thanks.

A. Sorry. There isn't any way for GroupWise to natively do this. We also do not know of any third-party utilities that could, but there may be one. Anyone know of something Tia could use for this? It seems like a very useful feature to have in certain circumstances.

If you would like to suggest this feature be added to GroupWise, log an enhancement request at


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