Check GroupWise Users for Password (1783751)


Software needed to complete the report:

Novell Client32
GroupWise Client

Files included:

DSReport to compile the list of GroupWise users
      DSReport is available at This is included
gwpwdchk.rpt to customize and generate the canned report of GroupWise IDs
GWSend to check the accounts for a password
      GWSend is available at This is included.
GWSend.ini to customize for your GroupWise environment
Users.sam is a sample list of user IDs
GWPWDCHK.EXE to run the test
GWPWDCHK.JPG is the image file for the program
\Source\Check GW Password.au3 is the source for the program
\Source\GWPWDCHK.ICO is the icon for the program

This program checks your GroupWise User IDs to see if their GroupWise password is set. This is done by sending a test message to a specific GroupWise ID from the GroupWise ID you want tested. If the test is successful, an email with the subject of NOPASS is sent to the specified ID showing the password is not set. A failure to send the test message means the password is set.

There are 2 modes of testing, Single and Multiple. Single gives you the option of testing a single GroupWise ID to see if the password is set. Multiple will test several IDs. You are given the choice to use a custom list of user IDs, or have the list generated for you.

Follow these steps for the best results. This must be done on a Windows PC with Client 32 and the GroupWise client installed. When running the test, GroupWise and Notify will be automatically closed to allow the test to run properly.


Unzip the GWPWDCHK.ZIP to a location of your choice.

Edit the GWPWDCHK.RPT file with a simple text editor. Change the TREE= and CONTAINTER= lines to reflect your setup. This will search down the tree including sub OUs starting at the container you specify. This is used in the Complete List report.

Edit the GWSend.ini file with a simple text editor. Change the IPA= to the IP address of your GroupWise server. Change the IPP= if you are not using port 1677. Change the SUBJECT=NOPASS if you want the test emails to have a different subject.

If necessary, create a rule in the mailbox of the GroupWise ID that will be receiving the test emails to move incoming emails with the subject of NOPASS to a folder. This is so you can easily sort them and the inbox will not get filled with test emails.


Testing a single user is done by running GWPWDCHK.EXE and clicking on the SINGLE button at the main screen. Input the GroupWise User ID you want to test, and the GroupWise User ID to receive the test email. Click SUBMIT to test. The results are displayed and no report is generated.


This is used to test accounts based on a list of GroupWise IDs. The list of IDs is called Users.txt. You can generate your own list, or have the list generated for you. There are three options for the types of reports to generate. All reports from the Custom list and Complete list are saved to your desktop.
Full HTML Report will generate a html list of all IDs and if their password is set or not.
Text report of GW password set will generate a text report listing all IDs with set passwords only.
Text report of GW password NOT set will generate a text report listing all IDs with passwords not set only.


Create a list of users using a simple text editor. A sample list of users showing the format of the file is included and called USERS.SAM. Put in the list of GroupWise IDs one to a line. Save the file as USERS.TXT. Start GWPWDCHK.EXE and select CUSTOM. Click on the BROWSE button to browse to the location of your custom USERS.TXT file, click OK, then click SELECT. A list of options for the types of reports generated is available. Enter the GroupWise ID to receive the test emails. Check the reports you want created. Click Start Checking to begin checking.


Select this to have the list of GroupWise User IDs pulled from your NDS. This will use DSReport to pull a current list of GroupWise User IDs based on the criteria set in the GWPWDCHK.RPT. Run GWPWDCHK.EXE and click COMPLETE. Select the type of reports you want to have created, put in the GroupWise User ID to receive the test emails and click Start Checking to begin checking.

In order for the list of users to be generated correctly, you must have sufficient rights to view the GroupWise Object ID of users in NDS. If you are trying to run the Complete Report List, and the only user listed in the report is who you are currently logged in as, you will need to login to the tree as a user with more rights. You can always check this out by running DSReport, select a user other than the one you are logged in as, run a Single-Object Report, and scroll down to see if you can view the NGW: Object ID value. If the value is empty as is much of the values, you will not have enough rights in NDS to create the list and must login to the tree as a user with more rights before you can run the report.

DSReport and GWSend are tools by Wolfgang Schreiber and are available at I have included these files as previous versions of the tools produce different results and are not guaranteed to work 100% with this tool. Using versions of DSReport and GWSend other than what I have supplied may result in the tool working incorrectly and giving you an incorrect report.


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