Returning to Last Used Directory with Attachments



A Forum reader recently asked:

"When I click on the attachment icon I am taken to a directory I have never used before. When I click on the icon again, it takes me back to that
directory instead of the last directory that I attached from. How do I
set GroupWise to return to the last used directory when attaching items."

And here's the response from Joseph Marton ...


Take a look in the registry in HKCU\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Client\File Locations. There may be a key in there referencing this path you're seeing. If not, then try poking around in HKCU\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Client. I've seen something similar to this here before and the fix was blowing away a registry key referencing the path.

The user then reported ...

"HKCU\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Client\FileLocations There is a string value in Default Attach. Deleting that value did the trick.

I also found after more research that there can also be a Default Save entry that will cause the same problem."


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