EZDial 2.0.2

If you have a VOIP Cisco Unified Call Management System, you can now offer your clients the ability to dial their phone using the GroupWise address book.

• Make phone calls using the GroupWise address book
• Supports personal address books, mobile and home entries
• Supports Name Completion entry
• Fully self contained, no installation required
• Configuration saved by user for shared PC’s


GW 8.0 Service Pack 1 Hot Patch 1 has fixed the issue in the GroupWise client and now this will work with GW 8


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  • Thanks for the additional information. If you click the About button you'll see it does not list GW8 as a client (mostly because I couldn't test with GW8 at the time I wrote this). Seems to me this is the issue and something changed in the Address Book API under GW8. Give me a few days to look into this and I'll post an update if I can verify and resolve.
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