Protecting Private Items from Proxy Access in GroupWise

Q. BC wrote: We are in the process of setting up proxy access in GroupWise (7.0.3). If certain folders in the filing cabinet are marked as 'private' it looks like no one has access to them, right? It seems a little awkward each individual message must be marked as private and moved to the appropriate folder.

A. It is working as designed. Proxy access is all or nothing and then anything that needs to be private has to be marked so, message by message. If you would like to suggest changes to the way this works, you can log an enhancement request at

Here's more from the documentation about how you can protect private items so that people you grant proxy access to can't see absolutely everything in your whole mailbox and calendar.

Protecting Private Items as a Mailbox Owner

You can limit a proxy’s access to individual items in your Mailbox or Calendar by marking items Private.

When you mark an item Private, you prevent unauthorized proxies from opening it. Proxies cannot access items marked Private unless you give them those rights in your Access List.

If you mark an item Private when you send it, neither your proxies nor the recipient’s proxies can open the item without rights. If you mark an item Private when you receive it, it cannot be read by your unauthorized proxies, but it can be read by the sender’s proxies. Appointments marked Private display in Busy Search according to the status you selected when you accepted the appointment.

In an open item, click Actions > Mark Private.


In your Calendar, click an item in the Appointments, Reminder Notes, or Task List, then click Actions > Mark Private.

It is also possible to set up a rule to automatically mark an item as Private when it is moved into a certain folder or calendars. For example, if you want to keep all items in a sub-calendar private, you can assign a rule to mark all items in that calendar as Private.

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