Turn Off the Document Folder in GroupWise 8 - Explained

As posted earlier on GWCheck.com there is a registry key for not displaying the Documents folder. This is used for environments that don't want the Documents folder to be visible. It is not removing the folder, just makes it invisible (and all folders below it - as explained later in this post).

This is the key HKCU\Software\Novell\GroupWise\Client\Setup\DocMan=Off.

(added: this should be a string value, see http://www.novell.com/communities/node/11418/turn-document-folder-groupwise-8)

See the result below: first when there is no key or it is set to "On", second when the key is set to "Off".
I created the unique situation that all other GroupWise folders except the Mailbox folder will not be visible.
Like said before - all folders below the Documents folder will also not be visible.

Environments that need this are able to use this key for this purpose - not displaying the Documents folder. This is working as designed.

If a user has moved folders under the Documents folder these folders will not be visible (working as designed, however useful to know/realize).

If the Mailbox folder is moved under the Documents folder before the registry key is set, the result will be that the GroupWise client cannot see the Mailbox folder therefor it will not start. When this is the case, remove the registry key or set it to "On".

It is important for customers to understand this - because the result can be that the user thinks something is wrong with GroupWise. It all depends on the user's action of moving the Mailbox folder. There is a fix for this: turn it "On" and fix the move of the Mailbox folder.


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