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Q. Alexander S wrote: We use GroupWise 8, and have a question that our IT department couldn't answer. Maybe you can help. My question concerns the Automatic Response function. Right now, each sender will get the auto reply the first time they send an email to someone who has an auto-reply rule set. However, in the case of an extended absence, the recipient may be absent from work and miss the auto-reply. And they never get the chance to see it again.

Where can you set the frequency of automatic responses? We'd like to set it up so a sender gets another auto-reply email say one week after the first auto-reply. In case they missed the first one. Can we do that?

A. For the issue where the rule only replies once per email address, this is Working as Designed. This prevents really crazy looping -- such as when someone's auto-reply is sent to someone else who has an auto-reply rule set, and their email boxes endlessly keep replying to each other's automated messages.

However your GW system administrator can change that by checking the "Allow reply rules to loop" From ConsoleOne, highlight either the Domain or post office | Right Click | GroupWise Utilities | Client Options | Send.

As for the issue where you want it to resend another response at a certain time/date, GW doesn't have that ability and you would have to manually create the reply and then defer the delivery date/time.

Anyone else have any good ideas for Alexander? Post comments below.



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  • I haven't tried it but possibly one could add an extra rule for the 2:nd week and adjust
    the rules to be active one week each.

  • You can also get around the reply-once feature by adding a "Subject Contains *" row in the Define Conditions section of your auto-reply rule. Senders will then receive a reply from this rule for each message they send.