GroupWise: Value Pack for Novell GroupWise 2012!!


Available in Europe (EMEA) Only

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of the Value Pack for Novell GroupWise, a joint initiative of Novell, GWAVA and SKyPRO.

Value Pack for Novell GroupWise 2012

With the Value Pack, GWAVA and SKyPRO offer an add-on for Novell customers who have purchased Priority Maintenance for GroupWise:

The Value Pack for Novell GroupWise is combining GWAVA "Vertigo" a leading eMail management product, and SKyPRO GWTalk - Basic, integrated solution offering SMS, Instant Messaging and Skype functionalities, all integrated in the GroupWise mailbox... and it is free-of-charge!!!

For one year, customers can use these GWAVA and SKyPRO products. They are also entitled to receive the latest software versions/updates and technical support from GWAVA and SKyPRO is also included.

This is a great value-add to our loyal customers. In addition, it's an equally exciting opportunity for channel partners to unlock additional services potentials. Last but not least, this package demonstrates Novell's commitment to our ISV community.

GWAVA Vertigo

This 'super' management tool allows your administrator to perform all of the following functions from the convenience of a single interface.

    • Enterprise Mailbox Management


    • Proxy Management


    • Rules Management


    • Junk Mail Handling


    • Environment Settings


    • Folder Management


    • System Management


    • Address Book Management


    • Signature Management

Check out all of the details here.


GWTalk is a multichannel communications tool. It integrates VoIP, SMS, Instant Messaging and social media into Novell GroupWise. Compliance is being created by saving and organizing all communication data within Novell GroupWise

GWTalk logs into the user's Skype account, enabling both audio calls and instant messaging through the GWTalk interface. Skype call history and instant messaging sessions are saved within a folder in the GroupWise user's Mailbx. This integration also allows all Skype activity to be viewed in the GroupWise contact history as well.

When using the GWTalk interface, Facebook chat sessions are saved within a folder in the GroupWise user's Mailbox. This integration ensures that all chat sessions are accessed in the contact history tab in the GroupWise address book.

GWTalk is using a SKyPRO Hosted PBX, a state of the art VoIP business phone system featuring all important functions at a fraction of the cost of a traditional in house solution. Using a web-interface all functions and settings are easily managed. The interface is intuitive and simple to use.

GWTalk is based on SKyPRO's soft phone client SKyCOM. This solution includes all standard VoIP functions for unified communications and adds productivity features for recording calls for later playback and distribution, and logging all call session records within GroupWise.

Additional details about GW Talk can be found here.

If anyone is interested in this promotion and they are NOT in Europe (EMEA), please contact me at

Visit Value Pack for Novell GroupWise 2012 NOW to get all the details!



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