Adding a Second GroupWise Server to a Tree



A Forum reader asked the following question:

"I have not been able to find any instructions on the best way to deploy a second server into a tree. The current GroupWise 6.5 server is located where the PO and GW Domain are located (and is physically located in Germany). I am installing a second GroupWise system in the US, and I'd like them to share calendars, etc."

And here's the response from Scott Kunau ...


Here is the process to do what you would like:

1. Install the NetWare 6.5 server into the tree and make sure eDirectory communicates properly (timesync, replica sync, etc.).

2. Add a secondary domain onto the server using ConsoleOne with the appropriate GroupWise snapins (6.5.x or 7.0.x).

3. Put the domain into the OU representing your US operations, and put the directory structure onto the server you've just put into the tree.

4. Once that domain is created, right-click and connect to it and its directory structure in ConsoleOne.

5. Add a post office onto to the US server doing the same with the object and directory structure, as in step 2.

6. Verify the link config settings using the Link Configuration in ConsoleOne.

7. Install the MTA/POA agents onto the server in step 1.

8. Load the agents and confirm that both MTAs show each other open, and that the new MTA/domain you installed in step 2 shows the PO you created in step 4 as open.

9. Either move users or create new user mailboxes in the new PO.

You'll be able to share calendars, address books, proxy back and forth and, of course, send e-mail without it going through the SMTP process on the Internet.

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