Disabling Tracking of GroupWise Sent Items

Q: Is there a way to disable the user tracking of an email after it is sent? Basically, I do not want someone to know when I received or read a message. It will be sufficient enough for them to know when I reply to them. Is there a way to block that?

A: This is possible, but only if everyone in your company is willing to do without the tracking of sent items. Your GroupWise administrator would have to make that change against all users in the post office, or domain, for all items sent.

This is how they would do it. In ConsoleOne, highlight the Post Office (or Domain), click on Tools -> GroupWise Utilities -> Client Options -> Send. From here they have two options. They can either uncheck the option to create a sent item to track information or check the box that says Auto-delete sent item.

To tell the truth, we'd be surprised if you could get your whole organization to accept this change. This is one of the most popular features with most end-users. People love to be able to make sure their email was received, and if they know someone has or has not read it, they can follow through appropriately. Another big GroupWise benefit is that you can retract an unread message, in case you change your mind about sending it, or want to make a few edits and resend it. But if you don't know if it's been read or not, that doesn't work so well.


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