DST Update - Tracking Received Items


This is a comment in response to your Daylight Saving Time Guide for Novell GroupWise on how to set up a Search Folder to locate affected Calendar Items. This information was on the Novell website at:


I created a similar folder to identify affected items for our organization's resources, prior to applying the corrective patch in December. I had to monitor a large number of items that were DST-affected, and the Find Results folder has gradually decreased in its
amount of items as senders have resent and updated their appointments. It is now about six weeks after the patch was applied, and there are only a few remaining items that need to be resent.

When I created the folder as your solution suggested, however, the folder did not have any affected items, even though I knew there were a few remaining affected items. I discovered that your (Novell's) solution will show anything that you have created, but not anything that you have received that also is affected. If you add an additional line in Step 11, Figure 6 of your solution, then you will also be able to see received items
that are affected. Here's how:

In Step 11, Figure 6, and another line at the end so the results look like this:

Item Source = Sent    Or
Item Source = Posted Or
Item Source = Received End

Adding the "Item Source = Received" will add the affected items that others sent to you. Then you can notify them that this appointment is affected by the DST change and that the appointment should be resent. By notifying the senders of affected appointments, it also increases awareness of the DST situation. Even if the sender does not resend a corrective appointment, you can make a corrective appointment on your own calendar.


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