When you need to do an audit of your GroupWise system (for licensing true-up or otherwise), you would create a GWCheck Audit report:


which produces a resulting log file that's not very helpful because it is not in a format that you can import into a spreadsheet for reporting purposes.
I sure wish that GWCheck would give us a delimited output (or an option for it) so that we can have more flexibility to work with the data it produces! if you agree, feel free to submit an enhancement request here)


GWAuditReport is a utility, much like my GWAttachmentStats, that takes the GWCheck log file and turns it from this:


into a TAB-delimited file, that can then be brought into a spreadsheet, so it looks like this:


I can more easily identify outdated/unused and inactive mailboxes so that I can cleanup my system *BEFORE* submitting the audit to Novell. I saved over 10% in my GroupWise licensing costs by taking this proactive measure!


2014-02-23: Updated v1.1 to address DirChange error


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