Editing documents in Shared Folders, in GroupWise Web Access

Q: RR wrote: In GroupWise Web Access, it appears that when you go into a shared folder and then open a file in that folder, you are looking at it through a viewer and not the application (such as MS Excel). If this is the case, then it looks like you can't edit that file, even if you have edit rights, without saving/opening the file on your computer, making the changes & then posting the new version. Is that correct?

With the regular client you can simply open the file with the app, make the changes, save and they are there....right?

A. It depends on how the attachment was opened. You have three options - View, Open, Save As. If you select Save As, it does just that. If you select View, you are not able to edit any part of the file as you are just viewing it. If you select Open, it opens it in the associated application. You are then able to make changes and do a Save As from the application to save your changes. It does not save them into the same file that you have opened, as that is opened in Read Only mode.

This is also the same behavior in the Windows client. When you double-click an attachment it is opened in its associated application and edits can be saved by doing a Save As.

The client behavior you are talking about is the way it worked in GW7.x. Based on customer feedback, this was changed in GW8.x as many changes were being made to documents that were saved as temporary files and those changes were getting lost.


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