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What is this ?

GWFetchMail will connect to external mail servers using the POP3 protocol to cllect all mail messages from the accounts you have specified and will forward them into your GroupWise system. The number of mailboxes, domains and servers is unlimited. As GWFetchMail is an application running as a service (daemon) on a server (for example on a GroupWise server), the POP3 messages are downloaded continuously regardless whether users have started their GroupWise client or not. This way messages will also be easily available on a mobile device. You can decide to which GroupWise mailbox and shared folder the messages will be delivered using a set of routing rules for each source.

Here are some of the available features as well as the benefits:

  • Redundancy - Download messages from backup domain mailboxes – the number of domains and servers is optional and unlimited;

  • Availability - The POP3 download services will run continuously, regardless whether the user has started the GroupWise client or not;

  • Flexibility – Possibility to create sets of rules to route messages (a set of rules for each source). This way messages can be routed to certain GroupWise mailboxes and shared folders;

  • Mobility - Downloaded messages can be easily delivered to a mobile device;

  • Firewall Security – As GWFetchMail runs on a server, you only need to create a single exception on your firewall to allow the application serving any number of users;

  • Content Security – As GWFetchMail transfers all messages to your GroupWise GWIA, all security and authorization checks regarding these e-mails will still be in place, which is not the case if you use client based POP3 access;

  • Simplicity – Authorized users can configure the GWFetchMail service by simply saving a specially formatted e-mail message with appropriate data like POP3 server address, name and password;

  • Stability – Possibility to restrict the maximum number of messages in a single cycle, and to set a date in the past to allow processing only messages delivered later;

  • Server Based - Running on a server; requires JAVA SUN 1.6.0_11 or higher; can run on a GW server.  



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