GroupWise SNMP Monitor

  • Copy the script to any Linux box or Mac OS X

  • It requires the NetSNMP utilities which should be installed in your distro. If not, you need to install the NetSNMP package or get it from SourceForge.

  • Requires Perl which is installed by default in all Linux distros and Mac OS X

  • Open a shell (terminal)

  • Make sure the script is executable - chmod x

  • Run the script with ./gw-monitor

  • The output looks something like this:

     GroupWise Monitor
CPU 1: 6
CPU 2: 31

GWIA send threads: 4
GWIA receive threads: 1
GWIA send queue: 2
GWIA receive queue: 2
GWIA pop sessions: 0
GWIA imap sessons: 1

MTA closed POs: 0
MTA PO queues: 5
MTA Internet queue: 0
MTA admin queue: 0
MTA routing queue: 2

WebAccess threads: 0
WebAccess users: 5

  • The statistics will be updated automatically every 30 seconds


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