GroupWise maintenance

We are running GroupWise 7 on Windows 2003 server in a cluster environment. It has been working as expected for more than two years. We do not have any issues other than, disk space is keep on growing. In Past when we were running GroupWise 6 on Novell servers, I was able to run a purge every now and than which would take care of deleted files.
Our company policy is to keep only last Six months of emails in every mailbox. Which also works fine, mail retention rule has been defined in scheduled events to run every night. That means the disk space on the server should not go up or down. But for last two years it has been slowly growing, when we implemented, we had 45 gb of free space. Today we have 22gb free.

Can anyone explain, why is that? I am looking for something that is equivalent to Purge utility in Novell for Windows.


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