Moving a GroupWise System from NetWare to a Windows Server



A Forum reader recently asked:

"What is the best way to move my existing GroupWise system onto a new Windows server box? And are there any "gotcha" type of issues on moving a GroupWise 7 system from Netware to Windows?"

And here's the response from Jim Michael ...


The basic steps you'll want to follow are:

1. Down the existing agents.

2. Copy the entire PO and domain directory structures from the NetWare box to the Windows box.

3. Install the GroupWise agents (POA and MTA) onto Windows, pointing at the new locations for the data when prompted.

4. Re-install any other gateways, such as GWIA and WebAccess (there's no such thing as "moving" these gateways).

5. Edit the various GW objects in ConsoleOne to reflect the new IP of the windows box.

The only real gotcha I've run into is when you have an agent on Windows that is remote from its owning domain on another box. In that case, the agent needs file system access to the domain box. This means installing a NetWare client on the server and configuring it to gain access when the agent is running as a service, etc. This is not fun, and it's also not a good architecture anyway.

It sounds like you have a "one box" GroupWise server already, so moving that to Windows shouldn't be terribly painful.


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