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What do you get when you purchase GroupWise?

When you purchase GroupWise, you are entitled to a variety of other products and related technologies. It does not matter if you login using the Novell Customer Center or go directly to and login. Your credentials should eventually get you to the exact same download page where you can access all of the software and entitlements for GroupWise.

The four products you get when you purchase GroupWise and Maintenance include eDirectory, Novell Messenger, SLES and Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack. Here is a brief description of each and some of the legalese related to some of these technologies.

  • GroupWise Messenger: Novell Messenger is a corporate, cross-platform instant messaging product that is based on Novell eDirectory. Your Messenger system can be set up on Linux or Windows.

  • Novell eDirectory: Novell eDirectory is a highly scalable, high-performing, secure directory service. It can store and manage millions of objects, such as users, applications, network devices, and data, as well as GroupWise objects, such as domains, post offices, and agents. Novell eDirectory provides a secure identity management solution that runs on Linux or and Windows.


    In the EULA: The quantity of licenses for the Novell eDirectory software included with your lawfully acquired licenses of the Novell GroupWise Software is equal to the greater of (1) the quantity of licenses you have lawfully acquired for the Novell GroupWise 8 Software, or (2) 250,000 Users per company/entity.

    The foregoing Novell eDirectory licenses are not upgradeable and are otherwise subject to the license agreement accompanying the Novell eDirectory software. The foregoing Novell eDirectory licenses are not upgradeable and are otherwise subject to the license agreement accompanying the Novell eDirectory software.

  • Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack: Novell Data Synchronizer allows personal information management (PIM) data such as e-mail, appointments, tasks, and contacts to synchronize between enterprise e-mail and collaboration applications such as Novell GroupWise and collaboration applications. The Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack replaces GroupWise Mobile Server in providing synchronization between GroupWise mailboxes and mobile devices. The Mobility Pack includes Data Synchronizer, the GroupWise Connector, and the Mobility Connector.

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server:SUSE Linux Enterprise Server delivers UNIX-like server performance and reliability for significantly less cost. Selecting SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as your platform gives you access to Novell product support and services, ensuring that your GroupWise system runs securely and without interruption.


    Notwithstanding the license rights in the license agreement accompanying the copy of Novell SUSERegistered. In the EULA, if provides the following text and agreement:

    Linux Enterprise Server product (SLES) You received with the Software, You agree to use SLES solely for the purpose of running the GroupWise 8.0 Software.

This is also true for Novell Data Synchronizer Mobility Pack. You also have entitlement for SLES to run your Mobility server. You are entitled to as many licenses that are needed to support your GroupWise / Mobility infrastructure.

Of course, if you purchase GroupWise through the NOWS buying program, you will not only be entitled to all of these products, but you will also be entitled to Novell Open Enterprise Server, Novell Vibe, ZENworks Configuration Management, ZENworks Endpoint Security Management, ZENworks Linux Management, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop and LibreOffice.

Most of these products are user licensed. Meaning that when you purchase a certain number of GroupWise licenses, you are also entitled to the same number of eDir and Messenger licenses. Mobility licenses are to mobilize any user in your GroupWise system, so essentially it is also licensed per user. SLES, on the other hand is license for each server required to run your GroupWise system.

In addition, because these products are part of a 'bundle', maintenance for GroupWise entitles you to updates/patches for each entitled product in the bundle

So - get the most out of your GroupWise investment by deploying the other technologies that come as part of your GroupWise license/maintenance

Let me know if you have questions or if there are other points that I can clarify....

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