Using Two Domains on One GroupWise System



A Forum reader recently asked:

"We have one GroupWise 7 system with one Post Office, but we have some users that use a different domain.

Can I setup a user "" and another user
""? If so, how would I do this?"

And here's the reply from Scott Kunau ...


Here is what I do for your scenario:

1. Go to Tools > GroupWise System Operations > Internet Addressing.

2. Add both domains to Internet Addressing.

3. Go to the user account(s) that need the other domain and access the properties of the user account(s) in ConsoleOne.

4. Find the GroupWise tab and choose Internet Addressing.

5. Click the Override check box at the bottom of the screen.

6. Use the pull-down list box to change to the other domain.

You can also check a box that requires their incoming mail to be only on the second domain. I don't usually check that box - so my users send outbound on the domain I need them to send with, but they are able to receive inbound mail on both domains.


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