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What is this ?

GW2Skype records data on phone calls made through Skype into a GroupWise box. A single Phone Call item is created in GroupWise for each incoming and outgoing phone call (depending on the settings). The From or To fields contain the names of the calling/receiving parties and the subject of the respective item includes information on the type of the call and whether it was made, and if not, then why (missed, declined, etc.).

Users can choose whether GroupWise shall record information on calls received, missed, declined, incoming and/or outgoing. They can also adjust the contents of the subject of messages for individual types of calls. In the default setting, incoming calls are stored in the Mailbox and outgoing calls are recorded as Sent Messages. The location for storing records can be changed by a simple rule. You can also dial the number of, for example, a missed call directly from the GroupWise environment.

Here are some of the features and benefits:

  • On the part of GW the application uses a built-in support of the TAPI interface and also supports calling from an address book;

  • Extends Skype by the TAPI interface optimized for GroupWise;

  • Records made and missed calls, attempts for calls and configuration of subjects entered into the call Subject field;

  • Runs on Microsoft Windows XP and Vista.



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