eDirectory and LDAP Authentication for GroupWise



A Forum reader recently asked:

"We have created a new 2-node OES cluster, with Groupwise 7 installed and clustered.

We are trying to enable our users to log in with just the eDirectory password, but this is proving more difficult than we thought. We have ticked the "eDirectory authentication only in the client" options of the Post Office, but then the login does not work.

We have also looked at the Security tab within the Post Office object and have briefly played with LDAP but with no success."

And here's the response from Michael Bell ...


1. Find one or more LDAP servers in eDirectory you trust.

2. Add these servers in Tools > Groupwise System Operations > LDAP Servers.

3. Go to the PO object and click the Security tab.

4. Set High Security and uncheck "LDAP Authentication only".

5. Select an eDirectory user/password to access the LDAP Servers.

6. Select the LDAP servers used by this PO.

When you run the client next, it should authenticate against LDAP. Look at the POA Verbose log for any errors that might occur.

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