Solving Outlook Proxy Issues with GroupWise

A Forum reader recently asked:

"Groupwise 7 was installed, then the Office 2003
Suite. Outlook was loaded up and all of the groupwise settings were there. I can see the Calendar and the Inbox - everything appears to work just fine. The lady I'm setting it up for has proxy rights to another inbox, and that appears to work just fine (through Outlook). But messages show up as from HERSELF when she's proxied into the OTHER inbox (through Outlook 2003). For us, it HAS to work in Outlook - anyone know of a fix for this?

And here's the reply from Kevin Littrell ...


I have two possible solutions for you.

1. Set up two Outlook Profiles. Set up a profile for each email account and have Outlook prompt for a profile each time Outlook is loaded. This is what an Exchange user would have to do if she wanted to send email as another user.

2. Send mail on behalf of another. In Outlook, if you open a new email message and go to the View menu on the tool bar, you can make a FROM field appear in the email message. Then you can put an address in the from field for another account. The recipient will see that the message is from "Proxy Account on behalf of primary sender". For example, this could be FROM John Doe on behalf of Kevin Littrell.


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