GroupWise is in our blood


Welcome back to GWCheck Talk. Another in-depth interview with a great GroupWise partner.

I had the opportunity to talk to Angela Williams from Nexic, a company that goes back to the first days I started to work with GroupWise. Makes me feel at home.

Gert: Who is Nexic?
Angela: Nexic (pronounced "Nex-ik") was incorporated in 1998, and specializes in developing software solutions to enhance Novell GroupWise.

Members of our team have over 18 years of experience developing software solutions, with 16 years of experience developing specifically for the various different GroupWise APIs. Most of our developers worked for Novell with GroupWise at one time or another and a few helped design the GroupWise APIs.

Gert: What brought you to GroupWise?
Angela: As most of our developers worked for Novell with GroupWise at one time or another, GroupWise is in our blood. Over the years, Nexic has developed a number of different products to enhance GroupWise for users and organizations such as Symphony, Printing Press, and Synchronis, Personal Publisher, Forensics, Recover, and Discovery.

Nexic has been creating export and email retention solutions for GroupWise for over 10 years, well before any governing body started requiring email to be saved. Nexic archiving solutions range from end-user based personal archives to enterprise level, long-term archive and email retention solutions. Three key Nexic products small as well as large organizations use today for archiving and email ediscovery are Discovery, Recover, and Forensics.

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