Customer Influence on GroupWise (Part 3) - Expanding Novell GroupWise Interoperability and Integration

We know you want more integration between Novell GroupWise and third-party applications and systems. We understand that you frequently receive requests for this kind of integration from line of business managers and other end users, and we heard them too as we visited with your peers from around the world.

Of course, Novell has always been focused on interoperability. Our plan to add AD support to GroupWise is a great example. Adding AD support will also open the door for a wide variety of other third-party integrations in the future.

We will also continue to broaden and further engage our partner ecosystem in their delivery of more GroupWise solutions. To facilitate that effort, we are expanding development of our web services API sets and will be introducing more web services to the new Web Administration console in Windermere. In addition, Novell Data Synchronizer will continue to be a vehicle for GroupWise integration as new third-party connectors are developed.

For the Mac world, there's great news! We've just released an update to the GroupWise Mac client that delivers several quality improvements in direct response to customer feedback. It also supports Mountain Lion and is compatible with both GroupWise 2012 and the newly released GroupWise 8.03. Check it out today and give your Mac users something to smile about.


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