Global GroupWise Distribution List Synchronization


Creates and Synchronizes Global GroupWise Distribution Lists based on the following naming standard:

For all except the root it is the container name minus the root part suffixed with "_GWDL". All periods are replaced with a '_'.
for the root it is the name of the root suffixed with "_GWDL"


If the Run Option is Auto Create DLs

  • Select the Primary Domain Database

  • Select the NDS Tree

  • Select the starting Container

  • Specify the run mode and option

  • Click the Start Button to start the process. Start Button toggles to the Stop button.

  • Click the Stop button to Stop the process

Once started, GWDL

  • Reads NDS and obtains a list of containers for the specified Tree and Starting Context.

  • Creates a GWDL for each container and sub-container that has one of the following:
    • users with GroupWise accounts

  • the container has sub-containers

  • If the Run Option is "Synchronize DLs":
    • Finds the GroupWise Distribution Lists, starting at the specified container. If the GroupWise Distribution Lists belong to a container that has sub-containers then it will add the sub-containers Distribution list if one was created.

  • Identifies any new users added to the container with a GroupWise account and add him/her to the GroupWise Distribution List. If users were either moved from or deleted from a container and was a member of the containers GroupWise distribution, he/she will be removed from the Distribution List.


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