Annihilate Novell Backup Windows: The True Speed of SEP sesam


How long is your typical Novell backup window? 2 days? 4 days? 6 days? SEP recognizes the pain points in the industry when backing up Novell environments which include GroupWise, OES Clusters, eDirectories, and NSS Volumes.  Our backup and disaster recovery solution, SEP sesam, comes pre-loaded with patented Multi-Streaming Technology which can facilitate unlimited simultaneous data streams, resulting in some of the fastest backup performance on the market today.

The question we keep hearing is: how can I reduce my Novell backup windows and how does SEP sesam compare to other big name backup vendors?

In 2010, NATO had requested a bid from several backup vendors and invited them to run a test and see who could back up the most data in a given period of time.  SEP was asked to participate amongst other industry veterans. Each company was given 4 hours to back up a minimum of 8 million files. Out of all the vendors, 4 qualified.

In 4 hours:

Company A backed up 8 million files
Company B backed up 10 million files
Company C backed up 11 million files
SEP sesam backed up 72 million files!

SEP sesam is all about raw performance and it's no question backup windows can be substantially reduced enterprise-wide.   Due to its modular design and Multi-Streaming Technology, SEP sesam is only limited by the bandwidth and hardware provided by the customer.

Why is speed so important? In a day and age of multiple terabyte data stores, daily backups become more and more difficult. The more you’re able to increase the speed of your backups, the better able you will be to meet available backup windows.

Operating systems often have inherent or arbitrary limitations of available processor cycles or network bandwidth. The main advantage of multiple backup streams is that you can push the hardware to its limits. Given the configuration of the enterprise, SEP sesam can reach theoretical maximum backup speeds.

SEP sesam is the perfect solution for all environments whether exclusively Novell shops or for IT Departments running multiple Operating Systems. SEP sesam supports all Novell products including Legacy NetWare, OES2, OES11, SLES 10/11, SUSE Linux, Enterprise Server (SLES), ZENworks, iFolder, eDirectory, NSS Volumes, GroupWise, Trustee Rights and more.

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